Dear Aunty Lisa,

Okay so I am 17 years old and a girl, and I am in love with my uncle. As sick as that sounds I am and I can’t control it even though I tell myself “You’re crazy he’s your uncle!” I still can’t help but have strong feelings for him. He isn’t related to me by blood.

His wife is my dad’s sister and she divorced her first husband and married him when I was about 10 or 11. So technically he’s not my uncle at all I just call him that. It’s still gross I know and it’s messed up for my aunt. Anyways I see him every week at family gatherings and when our eyes meet it’s like magic.

I know he feels it too because he always talks to me and hugs me and compliments everything about me. We have so much in common. Not only that we love spending time together because we love to do the same things! The way he looks at me (not perversely) just says it all. He doesn’t look or talk to anyone like that.

It’s just this feeling inside me that I can’t explain. Every time I see him I’m full of nervous ticks and I can’t stop smiling, it’s so embarrassing I want to stop but I can’t. And if you’re wondering he’s extremely good looking. That doesn’t help but besides from being incredibly attractive, he is a loving guy with an amazing personality.

I’m not going to act on my feelings I know better than to do that. I’m a smart girl believe me I know the difference between morally wrong and right. But this..I just have no control over I don’t know what to do anymore. I want these feelings to go away! Please if you have any advice that would help a lot.


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