Dear Aunty Lisa,

I’m having an affair with an older woman and i stay in Johanesburg. She’s a passionate lover and makes me feel brilliant in bed but I’m scared my girlfriend will find out.

This woman lives with her daughter next door. She’s a 52-year-old widow and looks really great for her age.

I’m 26 and her daughter’s the same age as me. They’re Zimbabwean, sexy, with long dark hair and short skirts and high heels — just the style that I like.

I first saw them when they moved in six months ago. We met on the stairs and the mother was very flirty with me, her eyes on my crotch the whole time.

The next time we met on the landing there was just her and me. She was even more forward and actually patted my crotch with her hand, saying, “Lovely to see you my friend!” I knew she was up for some fun. She invited me in for a drink so I went and her beautiful daughter was there.

I couldn’t help wishing the daughter would stay and the mother would go. But the daughter said she had to go out and her mother just threw herself at me the moment the front door closed.

I’ve never been with a woman so mad about sex and it’s now quite a regular thing. Sometimes when I go there, her friend is there too, a woman about the same age. I thought I was in for a threesome at first but I now know she just likes to have her friend watching when we fool around.

I have to admit that it’s also a turn on for me but I’m more and more worried that my girlfriend will work out what’s going on.

We’ve been together for a year. She’s 24 and I do love her loads. What can i do for my girl not to find out??

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