I love my wife. She is also the mother of our three year old daughter. But I am always looking for ways to cheat on her.

Ever since she got pregnant, she has had zero sex drive. I’m a patient a “nice guy”, so of course no pressure from me. But as time has gone on, it’s getting crazy. We have had sex maybe 6 times in 4 years! Maybe! I mean not on my birthday, not when one of us returns from a business trip….

I don’t want to ruin my daughter’s life. And I don’t want to be divorced but I need to have a sex life.

She is currently pregnant yet it’s been over a year since we last had sex. Obviously some other man has impregnated her and whenever i try talking to her about it, she beats me up!

I guess I’m not actually trying very hard to cheat on my wife but I think of sex all the time. I’ll fantasize about sex with almost anyone and I have to masturbate daily. The empty hole in our marriage is ruining my life because I’m so unhappy.

I love my daughter and I’m so grateful for our little family but I didn’t know I was trading my sex life for a child. Sometimes I wish we never had a kid so I could still have the super fun sex we used to have.

When I read message boards on baby websites like the Bump.com people share the same complaint but then they say something like “now we only have sex once a week” or something I would die for!

We are in our early 40’s and I’m worried that this is the end of the line for me. I don’t want my daughter to grow up without a dad, but I’m terrified that if I stick around with my current wife I might as well cut off my pecker and put it in a box.

I really need help because to be honest this makes me so deeply depressed. I’m probably more likely to cut myself than cheat. I get so low sometimes I fantasize about suicide. I can’t remember the last time we had sex!

Can I add to the confusion? I’m an artist and my wife makes most of the money in our house. So she’s tired and has a hard time too. So that’s one more reason I a)feel useless and lame and b) don’t want to pressure her or complain.

Having no sex life and a crappy income prospect makes me feel less than manly. In fact it makes me feel like a total piece of shit.

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