We were together for 3 years and everything was great. We had sex everyday. Then he got a job while I was pregnant and that’s when it started. He was too tired…always wanted to do quickies when he knows I have to have foreplay or I can’t get in the mood. I talked to him about it til I just gave that up. It was not getting through to him.

I had horrible sex with him for a year and finally I said fuck it. I don’t care if he cheats on me or if he leaves me, I’m not going to just fucking pretend anymore. So I stopped having sex with him. That’s when he finally got the fucking clue. But it still took us a year to get where we are now. I just felt awful, like I was being used and honestly I don’t know why I stayed with him. I wanted to cheat on him all the time and probably would have had I not been at home with a baby.

I don’t know. It’s like everything was great but that one thing…sex. And I didn’t even realize how important it was to me or how many emotions are tied into it until then. If it ever goes back to that though I will leave him. I can’t ever deal with the emotional shit from that again.

Then came yesterday…. It was completely unexpected! Last night he had gone to bed. And I settled in besides him and took to my usual reading.

A couple minutes in, he reached a hand between my legs. I called his name in question. Surprised and uncertain this was actually happening. But, right after that, he pulled me to lay back and actually began going down on me. It all happened really quick.

No. I mean, it literally did happen really quickly. He didn’t actually go down on me. He gave me a couple of quick licks, then shifted me over and spooned behind me, and shoved himself inside. A couple of thrusts and he pulled out, came and turned his back to me and fell asleep.

Before I could comprehend that we were actually going to have sex, and before I could get happy and excited by such unexpected joyous event, it was all over.

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