Dear Aunty Lisa,

I have such a huge problem which, if not addressed as soon as yesterday, my marriage will soon be a thing of the past.

My wife is so boring at sex. It’s like I’m having sex with a baobab tree!

When I say boring I mean she sucks at sex, whenever we have sex she just lays there and does nothing as if I’m raping her! Having sex with a dog or even a chicken is far m,uch better because it would even cluck during a mating session with its roost. But then my wife is like a statue. In fact a statue is even better because you will be mad if you expect it to play along during sex.

I am a very sexual person. yet, I tend to not want to have sex wife my wife  anymore (even though she wants it all the time) simply because its so boring. I would rather get myself off most of the time. I’ve tried to incorporate new things into the bedroom to spice it up, but nothing holds. I’ve bought her sexy outfits, she never wears, toys she never uses. I tried to get her to think about inviting others into our bed too, maybe a threesome or even a foursome would help us enjoy sex, but she suggested that these other people should be men and not women, which is obviously a non-starter!!!

How can i spice things up and have her stick to it. I love her very much, and i should not, but lately had to cheat on her, just once but I extremely enjoyed myself. please help, What should I do to save my marriage?

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