Dear Aunty Lisa,

My husband and I got married when I was 32. He was 28. We’ve been married 5 years and the sex has always been bad from the word go. The only other woman he’s been with was his ex wife. I have way more experience than he does. I’ve never compared him to anybody though, but deep down I know of all the people I had sex with, he is the worst. I’m only explaining this because he uses so many excuses on why the sex can’t get better and I KNOW it’s all bullshit.

I’ve had ex-boyfriends in the past who have done things he pretends men don’t do. I don’t want to tell him, “That’s bull because other men do that,” but I’m getting there. We’ve worked our way UP to him lasting 15 minutes without him stopping/starting & breaking our rhythm until he can’t take anymore and ejaculates.

It’s better, but I still get nothing out of it. I used to get 90-minute sex rounds from my other boyfriends, how I miss that. I could deal with it if he pleased me in other ways, but he doesn’t, not at all. No foreplay but me giving him oral, which I stopped doing because he doesn’t reciprocate. In 5 years, he has gone down on me only twice, on my birthday only and both times sucked because he’s extremely inexperienced.

I’m willing to teach him, but he is so impatient and gets angry too quickly. He can’t even find my vaginal opening. He tells me to “stick it in” for him. So, I stick it in (no lube!) for him to come in less than 5 minutes or give me 10 minutes of rhythmless screwing!!

I know people will ask what I’m doing. Well, I’ve tried. When we first got together I did a lot, but I stopped when I realized he was a taker & not a giver. Even to this day, if I try to throw in some extra moves he’ll tell me not to move because it’ll make him come quick. So, seriously, what am I supposed to do????????

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