Dear aunty,

I’m a very bitter man after I caught my wife cheating on me today in the morning. What pains me most is not that she was cheating, but because I caught her having sex with our dog.

Had it not been that her ex-husband is a high profile magistrate, I was going to thoroughly beat her up. But then if I do so, the ex-lover will feast on me in the courtroom and make sure he sends me to jail so that he screws my wife while I languish in prison.

While it is a criminal offence to have sex with an animal in this country, I cannot report the matter to the police because there are various crimes that I too have committed which will land me in prison if she decided to report the stuff to the cops. For that reason I can also not tell her parents about the incident because she will obviously tell them what I did and I will go to jail.

Is it honestly fair to take advantage of my unnoticed crimes and fix me through making sure that I see her having sex with our dog? Or should I just kill myself and give her all the space for herself and the dog.

I’m really angry and bitter about it. what should I do because this is really killing me. How can a 30-year-old married woman scream in pleasure while being screwed by a dog? What should I do guys, please help me before I commit another serious crime!

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