Hi Aunty Lisa.

My problem goes like so. My wife is way too close to her brother, they call each other every day. All day he walks around then he walks around in his underwear whenever she’s around. We live together just to let you know. By the way my wife and her brother are coloureds (mixed race), just thought I should let you know.

The other day she text me exactly 3 minutes after I got off work saying her and her brother had lost the remote and I should call her. I didn’t call her, I just went home when I got there. I heard someone running up stairs and he was acting like he was turning off the TV with a half stiffy in his boxers.

She was up stairs acting like she was studying. So the brother looked very surprised and hurried past me. When I got up stairs she hurried and hugged me. Next I just went into my room and said nothing.

Tell me if you think she’s having sex with her brother. She also always goes in his room and closes the doors to talk to him. She gives him a ride to work everyday except during the days when she has to go to work. She tells me they are really close and I have nothing to worry about.

What makes me strongly believe that they are really having sex is that they send each other sex tapes and po.rn videos on WhatsApp. At times they even watch por.n together in the brother’s bedroom. This other day my wife wore a bum-short and the brother shouted “nice ass”.

What should I do aunty? Should I beat up the brother and dump my wife?

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