I’ve been married for 15 years and for those 15 years my mother-in-law never gave us space.

After spending all these years together I did see her naked for about 30 seconds once and found her sex toy and she also loves watching porn.

Now my wife doesn’t give me too much sex and I’ve been thinking about my mother in law. She is not sexy but I’m just a sick man for thinking this way.

Sometimes we joke around about nasty things together with my mother-in-law. The only thing that worries me is that my wife is her only daughter and i don’t know how my mother-in-law would take it.

Looking at someway in having sex with my mother in law and have known her many years, I don’t know if she would ever in her wildest dreams even think I would want sex with her. She is much older and would like to make her smile. I don’t know how to go about this and can only think of one day leaving the bathroom door open to see me naked.

Her sexual needs are not being met and maybe I have that wrong but would like to see if she is attracted to me for any type of sex. I know she is interested in sex as she offered that she read a book 50 shades of gray and looked very out there

Her husband died five years ago, so I’m sure she is very sex starved and I would be very glad to have sex with her and help her. But the problem is how do I initiate such a topic, without my wife ever knowing about it.


From Rue:
I would like to suggest you to increase your imagination power, maybe your mother in law is sexy but purpose she gets agree for sex, you won’t be able to enjoy with her daily, and what if your wife comes to know all about this? Better way is that whenever your wife gets ready for sex, switch off lights and imagine your mother in law on your bed! “Me my hand and my mind is applicable to singles!”

From Erica:
You sound like you are considering having relations with your Mother in Law. You sound uncomfortable with the idea too. The good points are that your Mother in Law already has a vested interest in your family. She probably loves your daughter. Much of your wife came from her, both in genetics and behaviors. She is probably too old to have children so any relations will not cause her to have children. If she too is single she probably is sexually frustrated. You sound frustrated too. The bad points are that your Mother in Law is a generation older than you. When you’re older she’ll be older too. There is also the confusion about roles. Can she be a grandmother to your child and a lover to you? What happens if you meet someone new, someone closer to you in age and life experiences? Your Mother in Law will feel rejected and cheated upon. She will probably cast you out of the house that you consider home. At the very least she will interfere with any new start that you want to take. Once you have tried relations with her you really cannot go backwards.

From Sam:
If I were you I wouldn’t do it. It’s not really worth it, not only will you ruin your marriage, but that is just completely wrong. Being married for 15 years then ending it by having sex with your wife’s mother. And the worse part is just because your not having “enough” sex with your wife. Plus, you don’t even find her sexy on the most part, so why ruin your marriage for such a stupid idea. I honestly don’t recommend you doing that. Just please listen to me, and don’t do that. You’ll regret it.

From Jasmine:
so you want to say that whichever person you will see naked you will start to have sex with. how can you think that way. if there would have been your mother or sister would you have thought the same. wake up,……. the problem is your sex life face it then you can make it better but if you will think this way then you are surely to ruin the rest of your life. good luck

From Rambo:
Screw her. trust me these elderly women taste great in bed. Never miss this opportunity my friend. They don’t lubricate a lot anymore, so I suggest you don’t use any condoms. Just go live and come deep inside her. You will come and tell me how awesome the experience will be. Lucky you bro.

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