Hey Aunty Lisa,

I’m having serious family issues with my mother and other family members over my marriage. Things got really bad when my wife fell pregnant while I was in Iraq on duty. By the way I’m a soldier.

I was deployed to Iraq for about a year, serving in a military base and my dear wife was alone at home. We would communicate very often and we would send each other our nude photos and the like. One day she even asked me to go with her friends to a cinema to watch a 3D P0RN movie and I allowed her.

My wife had only gone this time to see how a p*rn movie looks like with 3D effects. Unfortunately, or should I say thank God, she fell pregnant after watching the porn movie.

A month after watching the movie she then fell pregnant. My wife and I are planning to sue the cinema and the producers. If I had chosen to believe the nonsense that my mother and other relatives are saying this would have wrecked my marriage. The good thing is that we both trust each other.

I see no reason not to believe her because these 3D films are very lifelike. With the technology of today, everything is possible. The baby looks very similar to the pornstar. God is so wonderful.

What should I do to tell my whole family to stay out of my marriage and mind their own business?

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