Dear Aunt Lisa,

My wife and I have been married 3 yrs, and we have 3 beautiful children. We were both born and bred in Australia before we relocated to this continent just after marriage.

I must have caught my wife cheating on me for over 20 times over in those three years of marriage. She has promised to stop after I confronted her as many times, but a few months later she cheated again.

I came home last night and caught her in bed with a close relative and all she could say was, I wasn’t feeling well, so he was just taking care of me while I was in bed. Since we are not originally from this country, we don’t have many relatives here. At least they both had their clothes on, but I strongly believe they had sex because I know my wife.

When we were married only for 4 months I found a condom under the mattress, I interrogated her about it, but she said its was a past relationship she had. We had been dating for over year before we got married. I had never seen a condom there before we got married. That was the first time she cheated on me after marriage.

Of late have been getting late night calls and they hang up when I answer. I once moved out just for 2 days, but she begged me to return home because our kids need a father in their life, so I came back. I have stayed in this marriage trying to make it work. Last year I went to Dubai on a business trip and she cheated on me with a next door neighbour, and even after I returned home she kept doing the same thing cheating.

I don’t want to divorce her because she is probably the world’s most beautiful woman. I really love her and I hope one day she will change and become a good wife. I also don’t want my children to call another man “dad”, so if I divorce her she will get a new husband.

The law is also an ass, if we divorce we will have to share property, yet she doesn’t work. To avoid sharfing all the property with her I should make sure we don’t divorce. Maybe I’m not thinking straight, maybe it’s because I’m too stressed and I have no one to share my problems with. What should I do?

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