Dear aunty Lisa and your community,

Please don’t judge me. The bible says only God should judge us, not any other human being.

Basically I have been with my husband for about a year and a half now. I have cheated on him twice so far during our relationships but he isn’t very perceptive and know about neither affair, so I figure what he doesn’t know can’t hurt. However recently I have found myself attracted to his father and I know that an affair with his father would be taking it too far as there is far greater risk of my husband finding out at some point.

It all started some months ago when he walked in on me and my husband having sex. We didn’t realise at first and carried on, however, I looked up after a couple of minutes and saw him standing at the door, watching very attentively. When I saw him he ran away embarrassed. About a week later I was texting him and our conversation took a weird turn and our texts to each other became quite sexual. He told me that the reason that he didn’t leave immediately when he walked in on us was because watching ‘aroused’ him and he thought I was sexy. I was little drunk at the time and ended up sending him a photograph of me naked posing on the bed which I now regret.

Since this incident I have tried to end communication with him but he keeps texting me and leaving me sexy voicemails asking me for sex. I don’t know what to do because I am petrafied that my husband will find one of these messages but at the same time, I can’t stop myself from wanting to have sex with my father-in-law. We have arranged to meet each other to ‘talk’ at his house some day next week but I know what this will lead to. Should I cancel or what should I do? But I really want to get banged by him at the same time. What if my husband finds out?

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