I just found out my wife has been cheating on me for the past 3 years with 8 different men. She is still sleeping with some of the men and they have a baby together with one of these motherfuc**rs, and the baby is turning 2 this year.

What makes it complicated is that I have a baby with her that is turning 4 this year. What should I do?

It was heartbreaking. I didnt feel good one day so i started digging. Then the truth was out. I confronted her and she admitted because she got caught.

I found out that she was abusing Meth last year and the man is still abusing Meth. The man is abusive towards her as well. I told her she can do whatever she wants with her life but not with our daughter. Its scary because they are living under 1 roof now. She’s telling me now she leaving that man then return back to me but she needs more time.

I told her she can do whatever she like. It will be best we can settle this amicably and let me take care of my daughter because i will be the best dad i can possibly be. I dont know what happened to her. I fell in love with someone who is strong and smart. I didnt expect her to abuse drugs and ended up with an abusive man.

Even though im shattered now, i still care for her to be honest. I still care for her very much I wouldnt want to take away my daughter from her because she’s everything to her but if she doesn’t change, she gives me no choice.

So now she’s telling me, she will leave this man and be a good mother to my daughter and her other kid. She will change and stop abusing Meth.

I told her that her actions will affect my daughter and her kid life. So stop. I am willing to be there 100{863ae21f3883e951777bdbc8607717246c41fed58c5a71d477243a35f9718ce7} for my daughter, physically and emotionally and will give child support. I have always been giving anyway. I am even willing to help her financially if she changes and try her best to get back on her 2 feet and be positive. Everyone makes mistakes. Take this episode as a learning lesson in life. And the reason im willing to help her is because i dont want my daughter growing up seeing her mother in a mess.

Im confused. Im hurt but yet im willing to do all these. All these for the sake of my daughter’s future and happiness. On the other hand, theres a part of me that wants to proceed with legal and fight for the custody of my daughter.

What would you do if u were to be in my shoes? Please be brutally honest.

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