Hi aunty Lisa,

I’m in deep sh!t. I was having sex yesterday with a prostitute, then the condom burst. However I didn’t tell her that the condom burst.

If she gets pregnant does this offer me plausible deniability, I mean she’s a known prostitute, and I don’t really want to be married to a professional prostitute who sells sex. She sleeps around so much so it could logically be another guy who may have impregnated before my condom burst. Also I’m only 16 an my ma would kill me.

Also out of curiosity how much do abortions cost? Since then I have been doing bit of research, thinking of getting the morning after pill and grinding it up an putting it in a drink and go up to her an be like “oh here I got you an orange soda”. would that work?

Does anyone know if there are any side effects? I really know what will happen when my mother finds out, because she knows this chick is a hardcore prostitute. Please help.

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