I’m being DEAD serious. Not a troll. I’m seriously scarred and I’m thinking about letting my dad know. I’m 18 years old, and my brother is 23. NOT to mention he’s married. Okay, I’m being DEAD serious.

Well I’m living at home still, trying to finish school. And I was out with a bunch of friends like usual. Well, it was around 1 AM and I had came home, and I was going to open the garage (My room is in the garage) and I heard moaning. I was like uh, this is weird, my dad must be home early. (He and his buddies went on a fishing trip) And so I walked in the door and I kept hearing it. Okay this is gross, but it’s normal for my parents and I’m glad they still have their sex life I was thinking. So I grabbed a glass of juice and went out to my room. So then I went back in the house and my mom was laying on the couch watching TV next to my brother. I was like, so, did dad catch any fish? and my mom was like, I don’t know, he’s not home yet. And not to mention, my brother looked tired and sweaty. I seriously almost spit my drink out and left the room. I’m considering going to the police, but I really don’t want them to go to prison. I just feel so sick to my stomach.

This is just TOO gross to be true, and I’m considering leaving for the night because my brother is back.

Should I call my dad? Or should I confront them?

Serious answers please, because I’m not “trolling” and I’m really disturbed.

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