Hi Aunty Lisa,

My wife has told me she is interested in me watching her have sex with another man. She said she is turned on with the thought of me watching with someone else. I don’t know how to react to this….


From Luis:
I feel it’s Ok to do sexual fantasies with your partner as long as it is exclusive to each other with no other person’s involvement.
Maybe you should approach her and tell her you want to have an exclusive marriage, that you meant your vows and you feel hurt that she wants to have sexual relations with another man ( you want to be special to her as you feel she is special to you)
After that conversation I feel you should both discuss your boundaries and discuss what you and her feel comfortable in the relationship. Both have to come to a compromise and both be happy. Good luck.

From Dr Alberto:
Wow..Ok if this were to come out of you wanting to watch her with another man then that’s 1 thing, but for her to say she wants to have sex with another guy in front of you?..that’s a whole different ball game my friend. First off my friend your so called wife is a whore, did you guys have an open relationship before you got married?..like swingers or something of sorts. Because for a lady to come out and say that she wants to get fuked by some other guy in front of her husband is really extreme. I suggest you take her up on the offer and charge the guy, just pimp her out she is a whore anyway so make it work for you make some money out of it.

From Green Fox:
Sounds like she’s trying to think of different ways to spice up the love life. You just need to ask yourself: do you want to watch her have sex with another man? Will that turn you on? Would she be turned on watching you have sex with another woman? At least she is being open with you and not going behind your back. Just because you are married doesn’t mean you guys can’t have an open and crazy sex life. Might be good for your marriage.

From Bomba:
Will you call her wife if she eloped with the man who satiated her well, better than you? Sex is not a one night thing!

From Mr Mandingo:
it’s not the act of you watching her that turns her on.. it’s the act of power she has over you.. and how much your willing to bend your rules for her. and how stupid you might be! I suggest you talk about this a lot more prior to allowing your wife to cheat on you in front of you!

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