Hello Aunty Lisa

I’m an African man but married to a white Lady. We’ve been married for over 3 Years with a lovely child. I just discovered that my wife is a lesbian and has a serious lesbian partner.

I didn’t know that her friend who visits us regularly in our home is her lesbian lover not until the day I caught them red handed making love in our matrimonial home.

Out of anger, I locked the door, and fucked both of them real hard. In fact it was more of a threesome and they seemed to have both enjoyed it. The problem is now they want to report that I raped them, so that I go to jail then they can continue with their filthy lesbian relationship.

When I caught them I had earlier on told my wife that I was travelling for a 2 days Seminar. On my way I was told that the seminar has been cancelled. When I opened the bedroom door my wife and her lesbian lover were deeply making love, fingering and kissing themselves to an extent that they can’t even know if someone is watching them or not.

The lesbian’s vagina was so nicely shaved and it turned me on. She is the one I fucked first before I turned to my wife.

Before I caught her, I have been noticing some strange things but I ignored all that because I never felt my own wife could do such a thing. I went through her  phone days ago and I couldn’t believe the BB chat I read between her and someone I thought was just her friend. Another married woman for that matter.

This means she is cheating on me and this lesbian lover with yet another lesbian lover. Their chat was of a sexual nature, something you would expect between a man and a woman. This lady even sent photos of her wet vagina to my wife.

I eventually confronted my wife about it and she said they were just joking around. Who jokes around with punani photos?
Now that I have caught them red-handed in our bedroom, she can’t deny it any longer. She is begging me for forgiveness but I want to end the marriage. She is saying if I don’t forgive her she will report to police that I raped her and her lesbian lover.

I can’t stay in marriage with a lesbian. Lesbianism is demonic.

What should I do now?
Should I divorce her or not?
Please Send your advice. Thanks.

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