Hi Aunty Lisa.

Your platform is so nice and it allows everyone out there to express themselves. Thanks for that and may God richly bless you.

I’m 19 years old and I have had sex with at least 20 guys so far… Would you say I’m a whore? Am I still marriage material?

Half of the guys who shagged me were guys from school and the rest were new guys who I met at parties. Oh, by the way I also had sex with one poor guy, this homeless guy who always sits by the store near my house. He is 24 and he is very handsome. I have always had fantasies of himself and myself having sex. So I sneaked him into our house while my parents had gone for shopping.

I only do it because I think these guys won’t be with me if I don’t do it. I want to change but always find myself in the same situation. You may say it’s because of low self esteem and that may be true. But, growing up my mom SHOWED me rather than told me that you need a man to be happy.

She always told me not to be like her. Since then, I have seen her chasing men and constantly crying over men. Also, having multiple men in and out of her room I though that was the right thing since I was young. I feel like it has poisoned my mind.

My question is what can I do to change what I have grown accustomed to? And how will I get a guy to accept me for who I am?

Anyway, I was just wondering how many guys you guys have slept with so far??

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