Hi Aunty Lisa,

I’m a man aged 23 and my girlfriend is 25 years old. We have been cohabiting together for the past 12 months. She used to stay alone while I also was staying alone. SO we eventually decided to start staying together and save money, rather than living separately and pay rent twice.

Over the past 12 months that we have stayed together, we have been evicted from 4 different houses. As we speak this month we are supposed to leave the house where we are currently leaving in.

My girlfriend makes too much noise during sex. She just screams too loud that all neighbours would know that she is having sex and that is the reason why we have been evicted 4 times within 12 months. Nomatter how much I tell her to keep quiet or at least reduce noise during sex, she won’t listen. Instead, she shouts ‘just fuck me nigga’ even louder and young people who live at the house end up laughing.

I will not mention about the embarrassment I personally get after sex. Imagine coming out of the house and you find everyone laughing and staring at you. What should I do aunty? She needs to stop making too much noise during sex, it’s really embarrassing!

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