Hi Auntie Lisa

So my friend, 16 years old, was staying over for a couple days because her parents kicked her out of the house because they caught her smoking marijuana. And I offered to let her stay with me. We have a 2 year old German Shepard dog. She always kept the door locked in my room and I didn’t pay any mind because I always thought she was changing (I do it to).

So one day, I heard loud crying and the door was unlocked and I opened it and I found my German Shepard dog on top of my friend with her pants off. She said she wasn’t having sex with him and I yelled at her. She got really mad and left.

I don’t know what to do. That’s so gross. Why have sex with a dog when there are so many sex-starved men out there who can even fuck you for free. Ugh!

Her screams sounded more orgasmic than frightened. She was really having sex with my dog because I saw semen on my dog’s penis as well as on my bed when she left. What should I do? should I report the matter to police or tell her parents?

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