Dear Aunty Lisa.

If ever there is one thing I regret, it’s getting married to a female blesser! Now my life is in a mess that I can’t get out of. I’m 25 years old and I’m married to a wealthy 35 year old woman.

She once visited a Mozambican sangoma who gave her powerful short boys and she gets lots of mysterious money from them. Unfortunately I didn’t know her source of income, I thought it was genuine sweat and hard working and I got attracted to her cash then we fell in love. My life changed instantly as she would buy me everything.

Let last year we got married. She gave me all the money which I used to get married to her. As soon as we got married things started changing. She started treating me like a house wife, yet I’m a man. When having sex, she always wants to be on top, and I’m the one who is always at the bottom. If ever I complain about anything, she beats me up. Whenever we fight, she gets so powerful that I fail even to fight her back.

I have tried to soldier on for nearly a year, but now she is talking of getting married to another man. She says she wants to get married to two men and we should all stay with her. She says she has already spotted the second man she wants us to stay with.

What should I do aunty? I don’t want to be in a polygamous marriage, worse off where there are two husbands and 1 wife. If ever I complain about it, she beats me up thoroughly. I can’t get out this marriage because I will lose everything she has bought for me.

Looking forward to your response and help.

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