Dear Aunty Lisa,

I have a new girlfriend and she had offered me sex, but I don’t know which hole to put my penis in.

I’m 16 years old and I’m not a virgin, but I have no clue where to put my penis in. My current girlfriend is a year my senior and she seems to be more experienced that I am. But I always try to make her think that I have so much experience too, so that she doesn’t dump me since she is very beautiful.

When I was about 14-15 years old I was in a pretty steady relationship during which I’ve had sex plenty of sex with my ex. Time past and we broke up…. to make a long story short basically I have a new bitchy girlfriend and we’re ready to take it to the next level but…..every time we’re both ready I don’t know where put my penis in and I’m too shy to ask her to put in for me.

Any help would be nice…. In my previous relationship she always put it in for me, I never tried…… I should have asked her how it’s done I think.

From Killer T:
Oh jeez… I can sort of understand you not knowing, since you’re a guy. (Although if you had sex as much as you say you did, you should probably have a pretty good idea, even if you didn’t put it in yourself.) Anyway, she should definitely know. If she uses tampons, tell her it goes where they go! And if neither of you can figure it out after that, then you really shouldn’t be having sex. (Also, helpful hint: there are two holes. One that her period comes from, the other that her poop comes from…. Not the poop one!)

From Uncle Bob:
All you have to do is “explore” lol. If you don’t know anything about the vagina, then if she feels comfortable with you looking down there, then I say look lol. Or you could just search google, yahoo, or your local library for books on the female genitalia and it should explain what hole you insert in to. And maybe the both of you should do it, especially if she doesn’t know where you are supposed to put it either. She’s a girl, that’s something that she is supposed to know because it’s her body. Some girls use mirrors to look at themselves, so maybe she could try doing that.

From Beverly:
The same place you stuck it before with your previous girlfriend. See people this is what happens when you cut sex ed classes.

From Big Boss:
You never looked to see where it was going? Seriously? It goes in her vagina, women have 2 holes, one she poops out of (not there) and one where she puts her tampon, it goes there.  If you are “fooling around” and playing with her down there then you’ll want to “finger” her, when your finger slips in the first hole well that’s where it goes.

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