Hie Aunty Lisa

My husbands pen!s is very big and sex is very painfull i do not know what to do anymore i hardly enjoy having sex with him i am so angry i just want to cut it off. what should i do aunty please help.


“My advice to women who encounter a man with a larger-than-normal size would be to stock up on lubrication.

“My recommendation would be a water-based lube such as KY Jelly for condom users, and cold-pressed oils such as coconut or olive oil for committed and tested monogamous couples,” she said.

“Nerves also tend to play a role so you need to calm down because the more you tense up, the more tense and painful things will be. Some women also think that being drunk will help them get through it, which is not the case.

“Actually, being drunk has the opposite effect in that you will not realise when things are getting unbearable, and you could really hurt yourself in the process.

“Go slow, take your time and you will find that over time, your elastic vagina adapts to the size of your man, big or small.”

Godivah offers advice about what positions are ideal for couples with this unique problem in the bedroom.

“The best position is the missionary position, as well as him lying on his side.”

As for the men with a giant penises, Godivah says that her best advice would be to respect their partner and not rush the sex but rather ease into things until their partner’s body has adjusted accordingly.

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