Hie Aunty Lisa

My wife gets jealous when I watch porn. It’s nothing against her, I just want to get myself off really quick. What’s wrong with that? I don’t see anything wrong with that.


You need to read the book Every Man’s Battle. Porn is destructive to a relationship. Its a form of cheating because you are looking at and reacting to other naked people and not your wife. There is EVERYTHING wrong with porn.

I think it really comes down to her thinking that she is not enough for you, or that she doesn’t turn you on and that although you are not actually with another woman you prefer to be with other women at least in fantasy. Every man masturbates but if you masturbate more than beng with your wife or would prefer to masturbate than to be with your wife then you may want to get help or risk the chance of losing yur wife. Moderation is the key. Do you really need to get off that much? And why would you prefer porn to your wife? Questions you really should be asking yourself.

Which she should being someone that has used porn in the past and recently got prayer to end this addiction is something you should do. Pornography is deadly for your psychological health it can trigger impure thoughts and make sex not as pleasurable with your spouse. Get some help just cause something is available doesn’t mean you should use it. Porn is just as toxic for your health as drugs it messes with the mind remember there is a reason LUST is one of the 7 deadly sins

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