Hie Aunty Lisa

I’m ready to divorce my husband because of his mom , when she text his phone he deletes the texts , her and I don’t get along I’m tired?


It’s your mother in law not your friend, she’s just someone you need to avoid conflict with. You need to have your husband deal with her on anything that could cause even the least amount of conflict. If your husband doesn’t agree with you on something then your issue is with him, not your mother in law.

You can’t ever make a guy chose between his mother and his wife or divorce is a guarantee.

That’s your choice, but if you avoid interacting with her, and you and he have a good relationship, seems a waste to toss that away. He has the right to delete whatever he wants from his phone. Why would you want to see what she had to say, anyway? It doesn’t matter. Keep away from her as much as you can, and be civil even if you must interact. You’re married to him, not her.

It gets tough when people won’t act like you want them to. Its very frustrating when they appear to ignore your demands to change their ways considering all you do for them. Right? Well there is one problem with that thinking. You are lying to yourself. You don’t have the power to control other people. You only have the power to control yourself. Once you accept that fact, the unbearable frustration you have will disappear when you realize you are powerless. You can share your feelings with your husband and MIL, but you can’t force them to act the way you want them to act. And its up to you whether or not to accept them with all of their faults, the same way they accept you with all of yours.

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