Dear Aunty Lisa

I’m sure my friend wants me to have sex with his girlfriend. He has been telling me what they do when they’re in bed together.

He also asked me if I’ve noticed her perky breasts or how her bum looks.

He has also been showing me pictures of naked women in magazines that look like his girlfriend.

Then the other day he asked me to chuck some washing in the dryer and it was all her lingerie.

Lately, he’s been leaving me alone with her and we talk about everything.

Am I overreacting or paranoid?

Aunty Lisa says

No, I don’t think you are. It sounds odd to me and I wonder if his girlfriend knows he’s talking about her in that way.

He’s your friend, so just say, “Listen mate, she’s lovely, but I don’t want to discuss your sex life or look at her breasts – it’s too much information”.

Maybe he’s just a bragger, dead proud of her and wants to think every man fancies her – but what you’ve described is too much.

If I found out my husband was behaving like that, I’d be very unhappy.

Your pal could be testing the water for a threesome – gauging how interested you are in her and how interested she is in you.

If that’s not your thing, then nip this in the bud now!

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