Aunty Lisa

My problem is that my wife had a lot of sexual partners before we got together and a few of them were very well endowed.

I used to get very jealous about her past, but now I actually like hearing about it and I fantasise about watching her having sex with a well-hung man.

Should I try to make the fantasy happen in real life or is that a really bad idea?

Aunty Lisa says

It’s such a bad idea! I’m all for fantasies and if it’s working in the bedroom, then carry on.

But it’s a big deal putting that into practice – if you were jealous initially when you heard about her previous sexual partners, imagine watching it and being a part of it?

Trust me, those insecurities will come flooding back.

My advice would be to carry on with the fantasy – it’s always better than the reality. Don’t jeopardise your marriage if you’re not 100{863ae21f3883e951777bdbc8607717246c41fed58c5a71d477243a35f9718ce7} sure.

And, remember, maybe your wife did have lots of sexual encounters, but she married you!

Also, you have only got her word for it that they were well endowed anyway.

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