I’m not a shallow guy. I’ve been with this girl for quite a while now, and it’s always sort of been something I have worried about for a while. My first girlfriend had a perfect vagina, almost unusually perfect, not very big lips at all and really tight/pretty.
Sadly the girl I have been dating for a few years now has a really ugly vagina. The kind of vagina that you would expect her to want to get surgery on, they are proper “beef curtains”, and it bothers me.
I guess I want my girl to have a nice vagina, they are really huge to the point where they get int he way, about 1-2cm in length. I obivously tell her that she has a great vagina, and honestly, it really doesn’t matter most of the time but am I shallow for thinking i’d like her more for having a pretty vagina?


I promise you she already knows her vag is sloppy, but you shouldn’t say anything about her specifically because that is really going to hurt her feelings. In other words, don’t be an insensitive prick about it. “Find” an article or something on vaginoplasty, and tell her you read something interesting blah blah and how you knew about boob jobs, but didn’t know they could do that, something to that effect, gauge her reaction and proceed with caution. Good Luck!

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