I came home from work and she was fingering herself on the bed. What should I do?
This happened a few minutes ago. I just left the room and I don’t think she knows I saw her.



Masturbation is a natural part of life. Young children do it out of instinct. Firstly, you are not keeping up with her needs, kick into gear in the future. Second, at the moment, you can ask if you can join in. After several preliminary orgasms, women are really primed for your contribution. If you can hold off yourself, you might deliver her to 10 or more with you. Thirdly, don’t make her feel embarrassed or guilty. Tell you you do it once in awhile, too. Maybe the two of you should discuss sex needs more frequently. I try to tell my partner when I’m getting horney and she always cooperates. Mostly it is a turn on waiting for the next most convenient moment. The best part is that your wife a very sexual creature and needs more than you are giving her. Talk about it.


Masturbation is a completely normal thing that basically everybody does when they’re younger. She maybe couldn’t wait for you to get home and felt like satisfying herself. I wouldn’t worry, at least she wasn’t in bed with another guy lol. My husband masturbates sometimes when I’m not in the mood and I have done the same thing once or twice.

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