So i have known this boy from almost 2 years and we have never seen each other in that way untill recently
He asked me to meet his son and i was like yeah sure! Then he said he wanted to have sex with me and i was like hang on, dont you have a girlfriend and he said yes but he doesnt know if he wants to be with her

I went and saw him saturday evening and we were at his house and ended up having sex, i kind of feel bad for his girlfriend but im also jealous of her because i think i have caught feelings, what should i do?


I have had friends that broke up with there girlfriend after years of dating because they met someone else that made them happier. You want what you want and you really can’t help that. You do have to be careful though because it’s definitely possible that you are the one that gets the shaft in the end. If this guy is clever enough to get you to sleep with him knowing he has a girlfriend, then he is clever enough to get away with hiding it from his girlfriend. If he doesn’t end things with his girlfriend, it’s a definite sign that he is questioning things with you as much as he is with his girlfriend.

Since he offered you nothing, at the time being, except one night of sex and you accepted what he offered you at the time being…. I don’t see that you have anything to “do” about it at all.

Let him know you have an interest and leave it be. It started in his court and it’s still there.

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