So my fiancé who is 19 and i who is 18 have been talking about having a three some. He asked who id want to have one one with and I’ve been thinking about it and I want to have one with him and his older brother who is 21. I haven’t told him because he might think its weird. Would that still be considered incest even though they aren’t havknf sex with each other??


I’d say a 3 some is ok but I would have to find a different 3rd person so I don’t wind up with a conflict between brothers just in case u find the other to be better at sex or a better lover which ever way u might want to put it so go with a different 3rd. I liked it when we do it i let my wife pick male or female she picked male both times found out later cuz we had done one with a female but she told me I couldn’t have intercourse with her but one of the two guys we had with us she had sex with him even tho I never got to see how big or small his penis was the 2nd he just couldn’t get a hardon and I’ve seen his cock once before we have a 4 some with no swap our 2nd my wife wanted me to try for the first time to sucking a cock she said it would turn her on I told her I would just for her when she got him hard never happened.

No, it’s not considered incest. You’re not related to either of them, and unless they wanna get kinky and start doing butt-stuff or mouth-stuff with each other, then it’s not incestual. You’re not married yet, so… Still not your brother-in-law.

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