I have a suspicion that my girlfriend is pregnant. Should i leave her? Should i cut all contact before she tells me she is? I don’t want to be a father. I didn’t sign up to that.


You should talk to it about someone. I think if you did leave her one day you might hold a deep regret. I think you should do the right thing and talk about it with someone, even your doctor. Being a parent is scary, I understand, but there are ways you can make it okay. You don’t have to “stay” with her if you do not intend being serious with her, but if you have a child you should do the right thing and see the kid. Lots of people are scared when this sort of thing happens, even if it’s planned.

My dad wasn’t married to my mom but I saw him 2-3 times per month and we had a really fun time, and I loved him just the same. We would walk his dogs and go on a hike and watch star wars at his place. You can still have a relationship with your kid without having a relationship with the mother. It’ll be okay.

Don’t run, really think this out.

You signed up when you had sex. Don’t be a coward. That child deserves a father and you, by helping to create it, owe them that. Do you think your girlfriend signed up to be a single mother? No, but she will have no choice if you be a cowardly ass and leave her with your kid. You are as responsible as her even if you aren’t carrying the baby. However, you clearly don’t love her so I suggest you break up with her and raise the child equally in co-parenting, not a romantic relationship. You are wasting her time, playing her when she needs support most. Don’t drag this immature game on anymore, it will hurt you both more in the long run. I can tell you, you will regret it if you leave your child. My dad left us when my mother got pregnant and since I was 24 (I’m 28) he still calls me every few weeks begging and sometimes crying to be my dad. I tell him it’s too late, my mother worked her butt off for me and he wants to come and be called dad years later? No. He doesn’t deserve my respect.

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