My girlfriend kicked me out because I messed up and was unfaithful, and I am off work at the moment because I caught hepatitis and can’t do tattoos while I’m sick, so my ex-wife is letting me sleep on her couch. But she is doing everything she can just to be mean to me and I think it’s rotten of her when I’m sick and down.

She won’t turn the heat up even though I’m shivering, and she’s always hot because she has gotten real heavy. She is being petty–she won’t refer to me to others by my name, she calls me “Jerk” instead of Jack; I heard her on the phone, probably talking to her mother(who hates my guts) and she was saying “Jerk is lying around in his boxers complaining about it being cold.” I even asked her to bring me the x-box and she just said “I’m not married to you anymore and I’m not waiting on you hand and foot.” Really?! Asking for the x-box is waiting on me hand and foot????

She knows I’m a vegetarian but she won’t buy any of the food I’ll eat and says that I can eat what food she has or starve. I have already lost four pounds since I’ve been here. She has NO respect for me at all.

I was hoping if she saw others see how she’sbeing unreasonable she’ll be nicer.


Not all ex-wives are malicious, nor ex-husbands, for that matter. She really doesn’t owe you anything, but I’d suggest finding another friend or relative to lean upon until you can get back on your feet, since you are so unhappy there and feeling mistreated..

The fact that you lost your girlfriend due cheating makes me worry on what happened with your ex-wife. For simplicity sake, I’m going to assume it had to do with cheating also.

As other responses have already mentioned, her behavior is due to the lingering problems from the break-up. It is clear she still cares about you enough to take you in when you have no place to go, but still holds resentment towards you…hence her bitter attitude.

You cannot call her ruthless for what she is doing. You clearly have left wounds that aren’t able to heal properly. And now you have given the same wounds to your ex-girlfriend. For your repition in mistakes, I can not sympathize with you. It would be different if you were a changed man trying to better himself, but that’s not the case now is it.

My advice to you is try and give your ex-wife more closure. Say you’re sorry again and you appericate her kindness to take you in. That will at least calm her down a bit. Make sure you mean it though.

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