I’ve been married for eight months and was so happy until a week ago.

My husband works away a lot and two weeks ago he phoned from his hotel to say he was going to bed because he was shattered from all the travelling and coming down with a cold. This was around 9pm.

Then a few days later I was doing his washing and I found a receipt in his suit pocket from the same night – and it showed he’d had a dinner for two with a bottle of wine and paid the bill at 10.30pm.

I flew into a rage and screamed at him, accusing him of cheating. He eventually explained his new boss is a woman and she wanted to go out for dinner with him to catch up on a few things.

He said he lied because he knew I would become jealous, as I sometimes struggle with him working away so much.

We’ve been together for four years and I’ve never had any reason to doubt him before and he’s never cheated in previous relationships.

But I just don’t know what to believe. What should I do?

Aunty Lisa says

I think he’s telling the truth. I think he’s made a stupid mistake.

Because she’s his boss he probably felt like he couldn’t say no, but he also probably worried about you finding out so he was between a rock and a hard place.

In hindsight, of course he should have just told you the truth. But it sounds like he panicked and thought he’d lie for an easy life. So in this instance I would believe him.

However, what you need to make him realise is that if this ever happens again he must be completely honest with you.

And, of course, if you find out anything else is going on then he’s out the door straight away. And trust me, you will find out – because you discovered he was lying without even really trying.

Us women are intuitive and we know when we’re being lied to. In the past I’ve ignored my intuition when I should have listened to it. So while it’s vital to have trust, you must also heed your gut feelings.

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