I am 23 with a young son and my boyfriend is addicted to drugs.

As a result, he is abusive, reckless and doesn’t value my son and me the way he should.

He lies constantly too, and has even resorted to stealing money from our child’s account.

I have tried to speak to his family to see if they can reason with him, but they just think I’m to blame for all his problems.

What should I do?

Aunty Lisa says

I think you should leave him until he’s in a place where he’s getting help for his addiction and learning to live without drugs.

You might think you can’t live without him, but you can – you’re already doing it. You may as well be a single mum at the moment because you’re keeping everything together while he contributes nothing apart from stress.

You don’t want your son growing up in that environment.

As for his family, the fact they’re pointing the finger at others instead of accepting their son is the one to blame for his addiction, means you’ll never get their support. He can do no wrong if they think being abusive and stealing from a child is someone else’s fault.

Seek support from your own family and friends. You could also get in touch with Nar-Anon which runs self-help support groups for family and friends of compulsive drug users.

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