My dad, who is in his 50s, has a new (and very hot) girlfriend half his age. In fact, she’s only a few years older than me. I’m 22 and feel very awkward about it.

My mates all fancy her and think it’s great that there’s an attractive woman around, but I feel humiliated.

My dad looks so stupid and old when he’s with her. But he can’t see it because he’s blinded by her looks. I’m hoping it won’t last and he’ll find someone more suitable.

How can I handle it?

Aunty Lisa says

Maybe it won’t work out, but why not give him a break? Are you sure you’re not just a bit jealous?

Maybe he does look a bit daft with such a young woman on his arm, but he’s a grown man and therefore should be allowed to make his own decisions – and his own mistakes.

If it’s causing awkwardness between you though, why not let him know how you feel but in a light-hearted way.

Say you find it a little embarrassing that he’s dating someone closer to your age, and see what he says.

I’m sure your dad has thought about the age gap – but at the moment he probably still can’t quite believe his luck, so hasn’t thought that far into the future.

And if she’s making him happy, surely that’s important to you?

Maybe in time he’ll realise they don’t have that much in common – once he’s over the fact that she’s hot and young!

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