recently started dating a new man and he is fine, sexy and everything I want in a man, thoughtful, comforting and truly he is my dream guy, the only issue is, he’s too long.
My guy is 10 inches long and while he has good girth/width (not too thick though) the length is hitting me in some uncomfortable places.
We have tried many positions, but I am now getting worried because he doesn’t come when he’s with me; as he says ‘he can’t get deep enough’.
If he dares to go deep, it hurts me. What’s a girl to do?


Dear Judith,
I feel your pain, really I do.
While everybody says that size matters, nobody talks about when too big or long is just too much.
The average man is (despite the many instances they want to dispute it) is 6-inch long when aroused and about 3cm circumference, so what you are getting is beyond the norm of your sexual experience. While the vagina can take a lot, sometimes the angle in which the man is penetrating if he is too long might be causing the pain.
I would suggest that you try positions that allow for him to get deep penetration such as the sidewinder (you lie on your side and he comes in from the back- doggy style) as this will allow your thighs and butt to cushion some of the length.
You could also try sex standing up; the alteration in height might make some different. Use a lot of lube or even putting a few pillows under your butt thus raising your middle area and direct the way you are (or want to be) penetrated.
On a final note, while this is the love of your life, bear in mind that if you are starting to fear getting into bed with him because he might hurt you, this love might only last as long as his 10 inch endowment.
I hope this helps.

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