My fiancé and I had planned everything carefully for our special day but our £15,000 wedding breakfast was more like a wake.

We are both 26 and love each other deeply.

Everything was arranged and a week beforehand it looked like being a perfect day.

Then, at the last minute, my husband’s ex announced his seven-year-old daughter wasn’t coming, and a dozen guests cancelled when it was too late to get a refund for them from the caterer.

Our actual wedding day was a nightmare.

His parents were so rude to me and my family.

His father has always been loud but he shouted over everyone with his stupid tales and jokes.

His mother is 54 and her drunken groping of my uncle was shameful.

Several guests were so disgusted at my in-laws’ behaviour that they left before the evening do.

My husband is furious and says he wants to have it out with his family.

We had arranged a buffet and disco for the evening reception but 30 of those we invited to that did not turn up.

Our wedding should have been a wonderful day but it was a disaster
They had all sent acceptances but never let us know they could not come.

My husband says he can’t forget looking round the empty room.

We were too upset to cut our wedding cake or have a proper first dance.

I am devastated.

I really hate those people who have let us down.

We can never get that day back or the thousands we wasted.

It will take us years to pay back the loan.

It should have been a wonderful day but it was a disaster.

AUNTY LISA SAYS: I am so sorry other people ruined your dream day.

I understand how bitter you feel about the way your husband’s family behaved and the invited guests who didn’t even bother to turn up.

Best leave your husband to reproach his family.

Anger will just be met with anger so suggest your husband simply tell them how hurt and humiliated he felt, and leave it at that.

If people have never organised a wedding they may not realise just how costly no-shows are.

It might ease your feelings just to say to each missing guest individually how sad you were they could not come, as you missed their company but it also cost you so much.

I’m not sure you will get many honest apologies but they all should learn a lesson in how to behave.

But don’t let one day ruin your marriage.

Write a list of all the good things, mainly that you and your husband love each other deeply.

And plan a break to create some special memories just for the two of you.

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