I HAD a great night of sex but it was a one-night stand and now she says she’s pregnant but that it’s none of my business.

One night stand says she is pregnant but doesn’t want to know me
Do I have any rights if the child turns out to be mine?

I am 21 and really worried about this.

I was at a mate’s house one night and his girlfriend turned up with a friend.

They’re all 20.

We all had way too much to drink, and me and the other girl ended up having unprotected sex.

It was an amazing night, great sex and I really liked her, but when I asked the next morning if we could see each other again, she told me she had a long-term boyfriend so we never met again.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to my mate that I had seen his girlfriend out with this girl in town.

He told me that the girl is six months’ pregnant and I have to admit I was quite shocked.

He said not to worry as apparently his girlfriend had told him that the father was one of two guys, her long-term boyfriend and someone else but she didn’t mention me.

I still wasn’t convinced and I started looking back at texts sent that night and did the maths.

I could see we had met around the time she got pregnant.

Then I got in touch with her on social media.

She came back to me and said she conceived a week after we had sex and had her period in between, so not to worry.

I started talking to her about how she was doing and she broke down, saying she feels bad about the pregnancy because she is in a relationship and is scared the baby isn’t his.

I stupidly suggested we do a paternity test at my expense.

The conversation had started so positive then she just switched.

Now she’s unfriended me on Facebook and deleted my number, but I cannot get rid of this gut feeling it’s my child.

DEIDRE SAYS:  It sounds highly unlikely, and this girl is at the sharp end of discovering how one night of careless sex can drastically change your life for ever.

If she hopes her long-term boyfriend is going to accept this baby as his child, the last thing she needs is you talking about paternity tests, especially when you’re no way in the frame at the moment.

She’s given you a very plausible explanation of why she’s sure this baby isn’t yours.

Most guys would be happy with that – and to avoid 16 years of child maintenance payments.

Unless you long to be a dad?

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