My fiance and my sister suddenly started flirting and this made me uneasy. When I brought it up with him, he told me I was being paranoid.

We ended up having a heated argument and he stormed out of the house. We later made up but a few months later, my sister revealed she’d slept with him the night we argued. I feel so betrayed as I believes it’s all my fault because I drove him to sleep with her. Tobi, by e-mail.

Dear Tobi

Firstly, this is not your fault. You didn’t drive your fiance to sleep with anyone, let alone your sister. You obviously weren’t being paranoid. Trust your intuition but don’t let it run away with you in future relationships – you didn’t deserve to be treated this way by two people closest to you.

You need to let your sister know how much she’s hurt you and how you feel betrayed by her. As for your fiance, I would really think very hard about making future commitments with a man who would sleep with other women at the drop of a hat.

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