“I’m 23 and involved in a long-distance relationship. I see my partner only once a month. My friends always tease me, saying that I don’t spend enough time with my man so I should do a ‘self-service’. I would like to know if there a thing called ‘self-service’ – especially for women.” – Ntuthu, e-mail
Aunty Lisa says
Thank you for teaching me a new term: “self-service”. I guess you are referring to “masturbation” also known as “solo sex” and “self-pleasuring”.  Of course women masturbate. Why not? It’s the best way for a woman to learn how to become orgasmic. It is also the best way to relax and really get to know what kinds of touches your body needs for pleasure. Then you take this precious knowledge and show your partner how to give you the pleasure you desire. There are many ways to do “self-service” – a few include using your fingers to stimulate your clitoral area, directing water onto your genitals, rubbing up and down on a pillow or piece of fabric that is soft and feels sensual. And, of course, using a sex toy, specifically a vibrator, will get you there real quick. Have fun, gal!

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