“I am in a very stable, loving relationship. Each time after sex I have a vaginal infection. Is this normal? How can I stop this happening?” – JJ, Nelspruit
Aunty Lisa says
It’s time to visit your local family planning clinic. You should not have infections, pain, discharges or unpleasant smells in your vagina at any time. If you become infected every time you have sex, you and your partner must be treated. It is essential that your partner has a test for inflection and has the treatment too. He may be infected and not even know it. Every time you make love, he may be re-infecting you. I am sure you do not want to have sex because you know you will become infected. This is not good for your loving relationship. You must both prepare yourselves for the possibility that one of you has a sexually transmitted infection. I know it is terrible to imagine either of you being unfaithful. Perhaps one of you was infected and didn’t know it before you became involved with each other. It is time to sort this out. Inflection can lead to long-term complications, especially for you as a woman. In the meantime, please use condoms.

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