I am in love with my boss and I think he is also in love with me. I didn’t see him in that light until we were at a staff function and were drinking together. We started to chat like we knew each other for a long time. Now, every time we see each other in meetings or wherever, we flirt. We cannot hide the attraction.
I am getting scared that it’s becoming too obvious that we love each other. We’re both trying to appear professional. It’s starting to affect the quality of my work. Is it possible to have such a relationship in the workplace, or should I forget about this man? I don’t want to ruin the work relationship. What must I do about this situation?
“Woman in love”
AUNTY Lisa says
Mpho Modipa, specialist recruiter at Afrizan Personnel,  says: “Are you sure he feels the same way about you? I have to be honest with you: ‘secret’ office affairs are the quickest career killers, reflecting badly not only on your professional reputation, but also on the quality of your work – even you have noticed it.
I’m assuming that you are both single and that it is not against the company’s policy to have office relationships because if that is not the case, you will risk losing your job for a flirt. Ask yourself if it’s worth it. Remember that he is your boss, should things go pear-shaped. “In conclusion, do what makes you happy, taking all outcomes into account. My advice to you is to stop flirting with your boss and focus on your career.”

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