Is there anything like sex at first sight?

Aunty Lisa says

Sure it is, all those one night stands people have, I would argue that they too can be called sex at first sight. Since there is no actual time to get to know each other, the genital attraction (sex) was felt at first sight and each of the concerned individuals made a commitment to their dear hearts that before the day is over they would have tasted the other. What is that if it’s not sex at first sight? But did you know that even couples can still create the same excitement associated only with sex at first sight. This is because while maintaining a stable and loving relationship with your partner is obviously important, allowing it to get boring is absolutely the last thing you could ever want to happen. The easiest (and most fun) way to keep things interesting is to invest some time in improving and learning fun new things to unleash on your partner daily, creating the most addicting sexual tension keeping them thinking about you even if you have been together for the past several years. To learn some of these fun new things to unleash on your partner daily grab a copy of the book: Creating Sexual Tension with Your Partner it will take you into a world you never thought existed

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