So I've always had this strong attraction to my huaband's best friend…who is also my friend's fiancé. And we've been alone together a couple times…about a month ago we were in the car because he was taking me home from out of town which was fine because my husband trusted him so much and he had to go to see his parents that night.

Well we talked and talked and it was such good conversation but we didn't do anything though I really wanted to get bonked by him so bad but I wasn't sure he felt the same way.

However, recently after a night of drinking he happened to put his hand on my butt and I let it happen. I was intoxicated anyway so my morals weren't all there. Still no excuse for what I did. Anyway him and my friend brought me home later that night and I got a text later saying not to go to sleep and he was gonna come back.

My husband had gone out of town for a business trip. I knew what would happen if he came back..still..I let it happen. My husband and I have 3 kids and this guy has 2. We are both with our kids parents.

Anyways things were just so intense once he came and met me I didn't even think about my actions I just simply did it. I love my husband and my hubby's best friend loves his fiancé but why did we do what we did? I just have so much shame but at the same time I wanna feel that rush once more but I know once more will lead to a lot more.

Now I have this issue bothering me, my husband only takes 5 minutes during sex, and he is done. He doesn't play with my punani, he doesnt know how to make a woman scream in pleasure, yet his best friend is really good in all that. I have had sex with over 10 guys in my life, but this guy is the best. How do I tell my husband that he should learn from his best friend?

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