Dear Aunty Lisa,

Okay, so this was my problem after I got into the habit of fingering and broke my hymen. While in my heart I was still a virgin, because I had not slept with any man, however, according to other guys I was no longer one, therefore I ended up having sex with different men, just for fun.

Unfortunately, I eventually found a new guy who dearly loved me and wanted to get married to me. The problem was that I to make my husband believe I was still a virgin. I wouldn't bleed on my wedding night but I wanted my man to believe I was still a virgin.

From the word go, my boyfriend had told me that he wss never going to marry a woman who was not a virgin, and for that reason I lied to him that I too was still a virgin. The only way forward was to fake my virginity, and this is what I did to get over it.

The key illusion to faking virginity is the old prostitute practice of using a small blood soaked piece of sponge. This is what worked for me and if you want to fake virginity try it to and let's show men that virginity is nothing, because they are the ones who would have stolen our virginity in the first place.

Soak a sponge in menstrual blood or even fake blood from a costume shop. Cut the piece to barely fit inside the vaginal opening and squeeze down with the inner muscles. Hold this piece in place tightly under the male penetrates. As the vagina lubricates, the dried blood will begin to ooze. The squeezing of the muscles to hold the sponge in place will create the illusion of the male having to break the hymen of a virgin.

Women have done this for millenia, way before hymen surgery or other methods were ever possible, and it doesn't cost any money like other methods will, and because it isn't right at the opening of the vagina, the husband won't be able to see it if he looks.

Lastly, local prostitutes say 'the best way to have a very 'tight pussy' is to get very constipated-when the bowel is full, the vagina feels tight. If you want a wedding night like that!

Good luck my girls, if you need any help, just comment below I will be glad to assist as much as I can.

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