Hi Aunty Lisa,

I'm a 16-year-old man who is dating a 26-year-old single mother. We have been dating for three weeks now and all has been well from the day we met till last week when she demanded that we have unprotected se.x.

The thing is my girlfriend doesn’t like cond.oms. She prefers se.x naturally without any artificiality. We started having se.x from the day we met. The first few times we did, we used cond.oms. But she doesn’t feel good when I'm wearing one.

She said she prefers to feel me 'live and direct. Lately, we stopped using it. I always pull out before I come. Is this still safe? Is it safe to re-enter after this? I will appreciate all the help.

Secondly, I don't enjoy se.x when I'm not using cond.oms because it's risky and my mind won't be settled. What if she gets pregnant?

How do I convince her that we should use cond.oms, because if I refuse to wear one, then she sulks and denies me se.x totally. She says she is allergic to latex. Is that true?

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