Dear Aunty Lisa,

Please hide my identity. I will not share my age for the sake of protecting my identity as well. Two years ago I married a 45 year old divorcee who has 3 children, one son and two daughters. The son is now 21 years old and still stays with the father in the same house. It is a 4 bedroomed apartment, so he sleeps in one of the rooms.

When I got married to my husband, I became fulfilled although I left my boyfriend because he was not ready to settle down with me and when my husband came around and showed interest in me, I had to grab the chance.

But I still kept in touch with my boyfriend, we talk on WhatsApp and on Facebook and at times see each other occasionally, but two years into the marriage my husband was not satisfying me like I wanted him to, this even drew me closer to my ex boyfriend who was exceptionally well in bed. At times during s.ex with my husband I would fantasize myself having s.ex with my ex-boyfriend, otherwise without that I wouldn't reach

So one day I invited him over to the house because I was so in the moody that I just can't wait, I called him to start coming because my husband had travelled to the rural area to see his parents, and when he came I took him to my bedroom since my husband's son had gone out for a weekend outing with his girlfriend.

When we started having s.ex, suddenly the door opened and I saw my husband's son with his phone pointing at us like he's recording the act, he just said 'sorry to disturb' and he left.

A day after he came to me and said he wants his own share with me in bed which means he wants to also have s.ex with me, that if I don't allow him, he will tell my husband because he has all the evidence.

I begged him to at least see me as his dad's wife and I told him that the guy that came is my ex boyfriend who broke my virginity, and that his dad snatched me away from him, but he insisted on having his own share…

My husband is coming back in two days time, and my husband's son is saying if my dad returns before I allow him to have s.ex with me, he will tell his father what transpired.

Aunty Lisa, do you think I should allow him to have s.ex with me? I know if I allow him he will never stop coming, how can I end it please? I'm urgently waiting for your advice.

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