Dear aunty lisa

I'm a 30-year-old woman, very beautiful, i have a good and well paying job, and 3 wonderful kids and a very loving husband, looking at my life you woultd think all is perfect but i have a problem which nobody knows, not even my husband.

I was a virgin when we got married, like every woman s3x is something you look forward to but for me its a different story, i don't know if its spiritual or sothing that needs medical attention, I do not feel anything during S3x, as weird as that sounds, that is the case.

We do engage in it almost daily with my husband, for him its normal, he doesn't see anything wrong but for me its just HIM POUNDING ON MY VAG1NA yet i don't feel anything, i mourn and scream just to make him happy, its like my privates are dead. I can't tell him because we have bee married for years and i fear losing him.

I wan't to enjoy it like other people do.  

Please help, What could be the problem?


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