Hey Aunty Lisa,

I’m now confused Aunty because I had sex in October last year with my man and never again after that. I only missed my periods in January this year and the doctor said I conceived during December.

I explained the situation to the doc and he said to me it might happen that my baby would be too small!!!

What should I do now?

Hello my dear,

According to medical facts, it’s impossible to have sex today then get pregnant next month without having sex again the following month.

Sperms inside a woman’s vagina can live in a woman’s cervical mucus or upper genital tract for 3-5 days. It’s however even rare for the sperm to reach 5 days, in most cases it survives up to 72 hours. Provided the sperm remains alive, it may even be able to fertilise the egg, too. Sperm ejaculated outside the body is less tough – it can survive up to a few hours.

So it’s medically impossible that you last had sex in October but only conceived in December. I also wonder how your doctor didn’t tell you that a woman can’t conceive two months after having sex.

Think twice about what happened in December, did you attend any party, did you get very drunk etc? Because it’s not practical that you last had sex in October but only got pregnant in December.

About giving birth to a small baby, I have never heard of such, unless if you are talking about pre-term or prematurity birth. Yes, most babies who are born before you reach 37 weeks of pregnancy, are usually smaller than ordinary babies. A normal baby should weigh at least 2.5kg (or 5.5 pounds) at birth. Most premature babies would weigh slightly less than this and they require special care to avoid infant mortality.

We still have a lot to learn about premature birth so it’s not always possible to explain the causes and why it happens. Factors such as infection can result in prematurely born babies but it is often more complicated than one single reason. About a quarter of preterm births are planned. If you or your baby have a complication and are not doing well, your medical team might decide to induce labor early or perform a cesarean section before 37 weeks.

I hope I have answered your question well, It’s unfortunate that it was based on an impractical development which is not possible in the medical realm, and so providing you with a precise answer was not an easy task.


Aunty Lisa

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